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Can We Book Dj Supafly?


Simply call 402-203-2856. I want to discuss your event with you to understand your needs. Once I understand your needs, I will put a detailed quote together for your event. All quotes are comprehensive, no hidden charges!


Is The Music Radio Edited?

Of Course! I subscribe to the same services that the local radio stations do. This ensures that the content is age appropriate. I also encourage school administrators to voice any concerns regarding musical content during the planning stages of your event.


Can We Make Requests?

Absolutely! Before and during the event. I encourage you to interact with us in the months leading up to your event. Leave me comments on my blog, twitter, or YouTube page telling me what you would like to hear. I will do my best to incorporate any requests into your next party!


Does Dj Supafly use a contract/agreement? If yes, why?

I use a dj contract/agreeement for all of my events to confirm everything in writing, such as pricing and event details.


Who will be the DJ at my event?

Dj Supafly. If an emergency should arise, I will advise you of a experienced replacement, and make sure you, the customer, are comfortable with the fill in.


Do you have backup DJs?

Yes I do have qualified DJs that will be able to perform at your event in the rare event of an emergency.


When do you setup?

I set up early enough to cope with unforeseen circumstances and to make sure everything is in place before your guests arrive. (I prefer to be there an hour in advance of the event to setup) If you prefer us to setup earlier, please let me know.


What is up with the great price for weddings?

I have elite and unique skills that will get any wedding event what it deserves. With that I understand in todays economy the consumer, you, what excellent service and a reasonable price. Me being so success full at what I do I want to offer elite dj wedding services at a affordable price.


Do you dress nicely?  What do you wear?

I dress well, in style, and appropriately for each event (the more formal the event the more formal the outfit). What I wear is stylish, similar to what your guests would wear. If you have specific dress requirements, I will be happy to accomodate. No additional fee will be necessary.


Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony also?

Absolutely! I provide music for the processionals, recessionals, and if necessary, I even provide music during the ceremony from our extensive selection of classical and contemporary music. Sometimes it is difficult to hear the Justice of the Peace or clergy performing the service or the other ceremony participants. In this case, a wireless microphone may be placed where necessary to help all attendees hear what is happening.


If we want some music that you do not have, do we have to pay extra for you to get it?

Absolutely NOT! I have an assortment of songs and libraries of music. In the event we do not have something you want (upon initial consultation), we will make every effort to obtain that music, at NO additional cost to you!


How large is Dj Supafly's music collection?

I have over 50,000+ songs in my music libraries that is growing monthly. In order to stay up to date on the latest and greatest, I update my music library regularly.


Do you offer Karaoke?

I do not offer Karaoke at this time. If, on the other hand, you would like to use our microphone to sing a special song then all you have to do is to ask us!


Are you competively priced for services offered?

Yes. I will work with your budget.


What kind of payments do you take for your services and how can they be made?

For all customers, I accept checks (no third party checks please), money orders, cashier checks, paypal and all major credit cards. For the convenience of our out of town and in town clients, payments can be made via credit card or paypal. *Payments for all services should be made prior to or the day or the day of your event. Dj Supafly reserves the right to NOT perform if balance has not been paid by the date of the event. (any additional questions regarding this, please contact me)


Does Dj Supafly travel to other cities outside the Omaha area?

Yes. For events outside Omaha area (60 mile radius), I am available for a *travel fee. (*travel fee normally includes, but is not limited to, gas, based on mileage)


What is the contact phone number for Dj Supafly?

Mobile 402-203-2856










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