School Dances, Featuring DJ Supafly


I have the music you need for you High School, School Dance, Homecoming or Prom!

My music library is constantly being updated with the newest music. Whether you are looking for the newest Top 40 hit or that one-hit wonder from the 80's, we will play what will get you on the dance floor. I will play what you want to hear! I believe that the DJ should take requests and actually play them too! You know what you want to dance to, so just let us know.


Dancing with a conscience! Don't worry sponsors, our music is edited. You can feel confident that we can play the music the students want, while keeping it clean. We want to be asked back to your school.


I am fun.


The days of the DJ just sitting around are gone. I will interact with you and engage the crowd. I actively encourage participation. I know what I am doing and will create an atmosphere that allows you to have fun!






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