Important note from Dj Supafly; Finding the right DJ


Finding the right DJ is essential to having a great wedding reception or other party event. This really is a very important decision and should be made very carefully. The cheapest dj or most expensive dj is not always the correct option. If the event is important to you, REMEMBER, you pay for what you get. Shop around and ask questions, regarding pricing, availability, experience and more. Though we want your business, we want you to make the best decision for you. Remember every dj's time, equipment, setup and preparation is valuable. Like anything else, we treat it as a business . Please keep that in mind when looking for the dj/entertainer for your event. If you believe a price is too high or a dj is unexperienced, ask questions! Your paying for the service so you should be in the know. In my experience, people usually opt to use DJs because it's simpler than booking a live band and usually less expensive. You will usually find quite a few DJs in your area to choose from, and they will range in experience from the casual nightlife dj to professional wedding and corporate DJ companies.


Supafly Tip:


Never rush to book a dj (DEEJAY) for any event. It's just a disc jockey, but do your research. All events are important. Make sure the company you are booking the service with is WORKING FOR YOU. You pay, you're in control. Yes the dj handles the music and the event and coordinates the fun, but he or she works for and with YOU, the client!


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